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selamat datang di dunia arsitektur dan ini berisi tentang berbagai informasi seputar dunia arsitektur, desain, seni dan budaya. berbagai hal tentang teori desain bangunan dan lansekap juga diposting di blog ini. ulasan jejak rekam arsitek terkenal dan juga bangunan-bangunan hasil karyanya akan selalu dihadirkan di this out!!! selamat membaca...salam 

Sabtu, 08 Agustus 2009


A gazebo is a pavilion structure, often octagonal, commonly found in parks, gardens, and spacious public areas. Gazebos are freestanding, or attached to a garden wall, roofed, and open on all sides; they provide shade, basic shelter, ornamental features in a landscape, and a place to rest. Some gazebos in public parks are large enough to serve as bandstands, or rain shelters.

Through history, garden pavilions have been built using almost any construction material. In contemporary England and North America, however, gazebos are typically built of wood and covered with standard roofing materials, such as shingles. Prefabricated gazebo kits produced in Pennsylvania by the Amish and Mennonites have a high reputation for quality craftsmanship.

Gazebos, especially temporary ones, can be also tent-style structures of poles covered by tensioned fabric (usually nylon).

Gazebos are sometimes equipped with screen sides to ward off flying insects. This addition has recently gained popularity due to growing concerns about mosquito-carried West Nile virus.

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